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Would love to hear from all. Rick Site URL: http Date: 10/27/2007 Name: Ken Freeland Email: City/State/Country: Sebring, FL, USA Comments: I worked as Comm Center Operator aboard the Vandy from Jan 68 thru May. Beforent TO SEA OUT OF trinidaew OF US were transferred TO recife brazil. Site URL: http Date: Name: Charlie Zoranski Email: City/State/Country: Conyers, Georgia, USA Comments: Thanks for maintaining this site! Jerry editors note: Jerry has a new email address as of 08/29/09, which has now been corrected for this entry. Site URL: http Date: 05/18/2013 Name: gene baker City/State/Country: honolulu, hawaii, usa Comments: saturn apollo manned spaceflight technician Site URL: Date: Name: Kelli Austin Email: City/State/Country: Melbourne Beach, Florida, US Comments: I started in 1983 with RCA on Aerostat in West Melbourne w/ Doug Price. I worked at the FPS-16 radar on GBI in 1960 for Johnny Watts. I was a plow boy before and was awestruck that I a lowly ITT Tech, in-experienced newly "degreed" idiot could land a job for the Skylab Mission. He had a heart attack and went into emergency five bypass surgery. Site URL: http Date: Name: Bob McCaughan Email: City/State/Country: Cumming, Georgia, US Comments: I worked for RCA (Instrumentation/Telemetry Tech) on GBI, Allen's and Carter's Cay during the 1956 to 1958 time period. Sorry to get carried away there, but your site sort of sent me on a little journey.

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Traveled to every station from cape to acension. Just not the same as tracking space ships. We established a radio ranging transponder over a geodetic benchmark for ranging to the ship. Whole of 1966 on Mahe, then transfered to PTA. Site URL: http Date: 02/14/2015 Name: John. After RCA/ETR, to school, then life as a computer field engineer, more travel. At one time or another, Dad was stationed at Mayaguana, Eleuthera, GBI, Antigua, Ascension, Grand Turk, and was site super at Carter Cay. Site URL: http Date: Name: Howard Bruce Nicholls Email: City/State/Country: cocoa beach, florida, usa Comments: My dad was Howard. I later transferred to WU, Plant/Operations in Seattle, WA, then after 3-years, layer off and then recalled by WU and reassigned to Plant/Circuit Ops in Oakland,. I have a 39 foot ketch sail boat which I sometimes sail to the Bahamas.

to the tracking station at Ely Nev where I ended my range rat career in 1972. Soon left for Trinidad to pick up a ship (1836 I believe). A short time at the Tech Lab, then back to Ascension as a wireman. Live in China now. Thanks, JRG Site URL: http Date: Name: John. All that remains is to return to Recife for last time and adeus-Caio, Patricio. Anyway it was a fine adventure and I'd do it all again. Editors Note: in Sept 2011, Ian put above message in the Guest Book instead of the RR Sign-In book (the Guest Book is for stamp collectors who visit my stamp website, and not for RRs). ..

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Finally we participated in the flight of the first snark missile to make it as far as GTK. Most rewarding work of my life, still have vivid memories and great respect for those who I worked with. In 1978 for 21 years in systems engineering, retiring in 1999. Site URL: http Date: Name: Thomas. Site URL: http Date: 01/21/2007 Name: Stephen Wooden Email: City/State/Country: Sarasota, Florida, USA Comments: I worked for PanAm on the usafs Twin Falls Victory in 1962 as a weather tech. Now semi-retired at Huntsville. Ron Koons, Tim Jackson, Stan, George (the cobra Jim Anthony, Larry Reyes, Steve Moore, Dave Benke, Gary, Pasternak, Trash (the biker who ran the airstrip fuel truck and all the guys I've forgotten the names. Next stop was Avionics Instructor (Boeing-68 then to Bermuda (4 yrs in charge of computer section).

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